This Simple Cleansing Mistake Was Clogging My Pores Like Crazy

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They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. As far asclogged pores我相信这个词是精神错乱一词适用于我。

这是发生的事情:12月中旬,我有史以来第一次与美容师到明星的面部护理Shani Darden。By the time I showed up, my T-zone was speckled with黑头, my chin was bumpy, and I had a glaring lump of米莉亚on the tip of my schnoz that made me look like Rudolph the white-nosed reindeer. "I don't know why my skin looks like this!" I lamented as Darden flicked on her bright light. Except yes, I did, and Darden reminded me of something:我一直在清洗我的combination skin都错了。

All those icky clogged pores were caused by mistakes I had made before, then slipped back into the second my skin hit a clear period. (Why do we sabotage ourselves like that? Too much optimism? Too much ego?) Cleansing is usually the step where I go wrong because amid all the excitingserums,面具, 和moisturizers,这是我们(或至少我)经常关注的护肤程序的一部分。“许多有组合皮肤的人只是不认为清洁剂应该花钱。……他们的清洁剂是事后的想法。”RenéeRouleau, Hollywood's other favorite facialist.“But the proper cleanser can make or break your routine. You never want to start off your routine already putting your skin into an unhealthy state.What you cleanse your face with is actually the最多important part of your skincare routine.

所以……为了帮助我的组合类型避免不必要的毛孔,我与达登,鲁洛和纽约市皮肤科医生交谈Rachel Nazarianfor advice. Keep reading for five cleansing mistakes you might be making (and how to fix them).


我们的专家认为,组合皮肤类型的主要错误之一是使用苛刻的,化学和fragrance-ladencleanser or bar soap in an effort to scrub away breakouts. "使用过于苛刻的清洁剂会使皮肤干燥并引起刺激。”达登说。

How so? "The reason is because if you wash with a foaming cleanser or soap that is too drying, it actually pulls much-needed water out of the skin and creates dead, dry skin cell buildup," Rouleau explains. "Then you have to quickly run and put your moisturizer on to infuse what you just removed. Dehydrated skin is never beneficial for the skin."

To avoid this mess,选择柔和的,无硫酸盐的配方均低泡沫(the lower the better). Your skin shouldn't feel tight or dry or look red after cleansing. Then make sure to apply the rest of your routine (alcohol-free toner, any serums of your choosing, and moisturizer) within 60 seconds. "If you leave your skin bare for more than 1 minute, it will start to dehydrate," says Rouleau.

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Mistake #2: Not Cleansing After the Gym

This one may seem obvious, but having been new to working out regularly at the time of my facial with Darden, failing to锻炼后洗我的皮肤was definitely one cause of my skin issues. "Not washing your face after the gym can clog your pores," Darden asserts.

但是,您可能会放在健身包中的那些面部清洁湿巾也不会解决问题。“方便?是的。理想。不,” Rouleau说,谁认为清洁湿巾”不是组合皮肤类型的明智选择,因为它们没有有效地清洁皮肤。相反,他们只是涂抹污垢,细菌,油和betway娱乐首页化妆。”

So let's all agree to opt for a real face wash instead, deal? CeraVe旅行尺寸的保湿清洁剂($ 5)非常适合锻炼日的便利性。


“A lot of combination skin types will skip the cleansing step in the morning thinking that their skin is already clean from the night before," says Rouleau. But clogged pores may result. How?

Rouleau解释说,无论您在晚上洗多样,皮肤都会进入维修模式as you sleep。这可能会阻止您的白天产品表现最好。不仅如此,而且有些人在睡眠中触摸他们的脸,或者使用可能与您的皮肤相互作用的过夜发膜,所有这些都可以引入第二天早晨要去除的细菌。另外,第二天需要从皮肤上清洁夜间产品中的某些成分(例如AHA,BHA和视黄醇),以避免任何潜在的反应或刺激。“Bottom line, a fresh, clean face in the morning will reset the skin," says Rouleau.

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Mistake #4: Cleansing With an Oil


“许多人爱上了清洁油以及由于使用时的豪华感觉而洁净的香脂,” Rouleau说(呃,是的,有罪)。但是问题在于,问题是the oil residue these cleansers leave behind is no good for clog-prone pores.Plus, because oils are so heavy when other lighter products (toner, serums, etc.) are applied afterward, they may not penetrate the cell membrane effectively.

Long story short, even though double cleansing is trendy andcleansing balms完全decade废了,如果您有组合皮肤类型,则可能要跳过它们。

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Mistake #5: Overwhelming Your Skin With Too Many Products

位于纽约市的皮肤科医生瑞秋·纳扎里安(Rachel Nazarian护肤迷,我想)正在堆积太多产品,以试图治疗无数的自我诊断问题。“The overuse of products and the mixing of too many products makes it difficult to determine if a product is not appropriate for your skin(也许皮肤敏感性燃烧,引起痤疮,触发过量的石油生产等)。”她解释说。这种习惯也可能导致化学噩梦。Nazarian说:“并非所有成分都可以很好地融合在一起,甚至还会减少其他产品的影响。”

代替该怎么办?坚持一致,基本方案that has been approved by your dermatologist, and introduce new products one at a time so you'll be able to tell if something isn't working out.