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Serious Question—Do I Need to Wash My Face in the Morning?

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当谈到美容主题时,一些最受欢迎的问题往往围绕护肤程序。观看编辑,知名的皮肤科医生以及有影响力的人逐步踏上他们的日常疗程,这真是令人着迷。而且,通常,观看此过程的想法是,早晨和黑夜都要洗脸绝对至关重要。虽然对于某些皮肤类型和方案而言,这是正确的 - 例如,对于那些早上锻炼第一件事的人,我们忍不住想知道:我们真的需要在早上洗脸吗?毕竟,如果您在晚上洗净,它甚至整夜都变得肮脏吗?

有了这个问题的头脑,我们与两位经过董事会认证的皮肤科医生联系。Orit Markowitz Dr.Noelani冈萨雷斯以及他们坚定不移的专业知识。提前,了解是否有必要在醒来后立即冲洗。

Meet the Expert

  • Noelani Gonzalez博士是一位经过董事会认证的皮肤科医生,总部位于纽约市,她专门研究美容皮肤病学。
  • Orit马科维茨博士是董事会认证的皮肤科医生,也是纽约市Optiskin的创始人。


The key word here iswash。毕竟,与冲洗不同(这是使用水去除污染物而无需进行实际清洁剂的习惯)进行洗涤通常使用肥皂或清洁剂作为清洁过程的一部分。考虑到这一点,Markowitz博士说,大多数人只需要wash他们每天的脸一次。

“If you wash your face at night you don't need to wash your face again in the morning with a lather-and-rinse cleanser,” she explains. “If you go right to bed after washing your face, it is not coming in contact with anything that really needs to be washed off.” That said, she admits that people can sweat in the middle of the night, which is why she recommendsrinsingyour face with water come morning.

What If You Have Oily Skin?

两个例外之一是,如果您的油皮令人难以置信。Markowitz说,由于您的皮脂可以在一夜之间堆积,因此选择在水和传统清洁剂(例如胶束水)之间进行折衷的产品是个好主意。只需浸泡用胶束水浸泡棉垫即可 - 我们喜欢Garnier的皮肤胶束清洗水($6), which comes in a variety of options to cater to oily, dry, and normal skin types, as well as to people who wear stubborn waterproof makeup—and wipe it across your face before delving into your morning skincare routine.

What If You Have Dry Skin?

The other exception is if your skin is naturally dry or if it has a tendency to dry out during the harshest seasons of the year—as is common during winter and summer. During these times of the year, Markowitz recommends reaching for a cleansing oil or balm—we love Tatcha'sPure One Step Camellia Oil Cleanser($48) and HoliFrog'sKissimmee Vitamin F Therapy Balmy Wash($ 42) - 在皮肤中加入一点水合。为了获得最佳效果,请按摩一泵的油或一小杯唇膏,让它浸泡,然后使用温暖的潮湿毛巾将其擦去。


判决?这一切都取决于偏好。记住:这个词washinsinuates that some sort of cleanser is involved. While Markowitz says that washing isn’t necessary and instead recommends a rinse, Gonzales has another stance.


While Gonzalez’s stance is different from Markowitz’s, it’s worthwhile to mention that micellar water and cleansing balms are great gentle cleanser options to wash in the morning. Of course, if you prefer to use an exfoliating cleanser—like ExuvianceBioActiv Face Wash- 在超级新鲜的板岩上开始新的一天,这也很酷。这是因为,归根结底,您是否需要在早上洗脸,质疑是偏爱。

What If You Workout in the Morning?

This is one factor that makes morning cleansing non-negotiable. Regardless of your skin type, if you work out first thing in the morning, you need to wash your face immediately after. Skeptical of whether it’s really necessary? Considering your sweat mixes with whatever dirt and bacteria is on your skin—because, yes, you might have washed your face last night but if your linens aren’t freshly laundered, bacteria could live there and transfer onto your skin—if you don’t wash your face post-sweat, it will clog up your pores and cause breakouts.


Just like whether or not to cleanse come morning comes down to preference, so does the formula you choose to reach for. Where Gonzalez points out that there’s no set formula for cleansing your face—as it depends on your individual skin type and needs—she suggests gentle, non-stripping formulas, like a cream, balm, or micellar water.

Speaking (once again) of micellar water, Markowitz can’t speak more highly of the product type.“I love micellar waters for the morning, like the ElemisCleansing Micellar Water(39美元),除了传统用作卸妆液外,还发现这些功能非常适合早晨刷新。”她分享道。betway娱乐首页就是说,由于许多人将使用胶束水的便利等同于化妆擦拭的便利性,因此Markowitz非常清楚地表明,她永远不会向任何客户推荐化妆卸妆液。betway娱乐首页她betway娱乐首页说:“卸妆液湿巾往往会对皮肤造成更大的破坏,并可能使其干燥或引起刺激,尤其是在那些皮肤敏感的人中。”



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